Black Forest Soaring Society


The Board of Directors and the members of Black Forest Soaring Society would like to welcome you to our fine club. The BFSS has a wonderful group of members with a full spectrum of soaring experience ranging from the novice glider pilot to National champions and record holders. We have a large number of very experienced flight instructors and excellent training aircraft for members' use. Please enjoy the people, the flying and the fun. We are glad to have you in our club. We all are willing to help you enjoy your soaring experience. Welcome! Fly Safely and Participate Actively.

Membership Requirements

  1. Desire to participate in club activities and willingness to volunteer to assist
  2. Recommendation of a BFSS member
  3. Soaring Society of America (SSA) active membership
  4. Completion of initial Kelly Air Park field checkout with BFSS instructor
  5. BFSS instructor endorsement to operate BFSS equipment (including tow)
  6. Compliance with all FAA regulations
  7. Commitment to safety in all aspects of operations
  8. Current on all BFSS dues and fees

Operations Fees

Each member must complete an operations sheet daily each day that club equipment or supplies are used. Fees are payable at time of service.

New Member Sign-up Checklist

  1. Complete BFSS Membership application form.
  2. Forward your email and contact information to the BFSS secretary by email to be added to the database, and to be able to scedule flights. Visit the login management area to complete and update your personal information once your username has been assigned.
  3. Point your web browser at the FLYING link and add to your web favorites. This is our home page for members. Everything you need to prepare for a fun day of flying is here.
  4. Read BFSS Operations Guidelines and ask questions if anything is unclear.
  5. Subscribe to at least the Members mailing list in order to stay abreast of what is happening at the club. The online calendar, available through the FLYING page is also a good source of timely information.
  6. Read BFSS Visitor Safety Notice
  7. Read BFSS Pre and Post Solo Student's Responsibility & Reqirements (Students only)
  8. Read and sign copy of BFSS Volunteer Activities
  9. Complete Field Checkout from BFSS Instructor (sign logbook and application)
  10. Pay initiation fee, SSA Dues (if not a member), first month's dues, and today's operations costs.
  11. Volunteer to help at the club. Fly Safely and Have Fun!