RASP BLIPMAP UniViewer Created by John Whitney (F9)
BLIPMAPTM = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening,  Meteorologist  
RASP = Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction
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These models are run locally by Dave Leonard.
The coverage areas are what I'm currently interested in but will always include the Colorado Front Range.
Feedback is encouraged to Dr. Jack via the RASP Forum or if its related specifically to this site to Dave Leonard.

Region:   COLORADO   El Tiro, Az   Moriarty, NM   Hobbs, NM   Parowan, UT  
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(availability depends on region/grid)
0800 lst   1100 lst   1200 lst   1300 lst  
1400 lst   1500 lst   1600 lst   1700 lst  

Thermal Updraft Velocity
Thermal Up. Vel. & B/S Ratio
Buoyancy/Shear Ratio

Critical Updraft Hgt (Hcrit)
Depth of Hcrit (AGL Hcrit)
BL Top Height
BL Depth
Thermal Hgt. Variability

Normalized Surface Sun
Surface Heating
Surface Temperature
Sfc. Dew Point Temp.
Sfc. Wind

BL Avg. Wind
BL Top Wind
BL Vertical Wind Shear

BL Max.Up/Down Motion

Cu Cloudbase @CuPot>0
Cumulus Potential
Cumulus Cloudbase

OD Cloudbase @ODpot>0
OD Potential
OD Cloudbase
BL Max. Rel. Humidity


Pikes Peak 240 Cross Section
Boulder 270 Cross Section

Sounding 1
Sounding 2
Sounding 3

Snow cover

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